Our Story

Doing Business in Mongolia is Enkhzul’s brainchild. While completing her postgraduate studies at Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy she did extensive research in issues ranging from global development trends, the macro and micro elements of doing business in certain markets – mainly in Asia.

Upon returning to Mongolia, she started her own consultancy practice enkhzul.org which assists and partners with foreign companies entering Mongolia. She realized that her clients required more in-depth and cultural/communication-focused information to supplement the market information that was readily available.

In order to create value for her clients, and others with similar interests, Enkhzul produced a series of free, online videos on Doing Business in Mongolia. Through interviews with local and foreign business leaders operating in Mongolia, the under-tapped business potential of the country, the most common challenges and the best ways to mitigate them would be revealed.

Dan Mahoney_1

David was one of Enkhzul’s coursemates at Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Inspired by his time at the school, this Australian, who had lived in Singapore for 15 years, was looking for ways to create a network of trusted partners in different Asian countries for the purpose of creating local employment and international investment opportunities.hen he discovered Enkhzul’s interview project, he felt that it was a fantastic idea and that it would be a great place to start the platform.

20 - Tree at lower quadrangleLKS and MM
Lee Kuan Yew of Public Policy in Singapore, where Enkhzul and David met.

Together, Enkhzul and David developed Doing Business in Asia, with Doing Business in Mongolia as the first project.

They are now looking for other like-minded individuals, who would like to share the success stories and opportunities of their country.