What we do

We are an alliance of local Asian-based consultants that specialises in providing tailored access to Asian countries and facilitating cross border projects. We can provide services directly or connect you with reputable in-country service-providers. Our services include

Business and Partner Matching – A good local partner, who is invested in you, will save time, money and heartaches in your journey of establishing yourself in a country. We provide customised events and tours where you can meet many partners across different industries; Go through our network to find several partners that will have discussions with you and perform due diligence work.

Tailored guidance and support for market entry – Every Asian country has different requirements for business operations and most of them don’t even use English at the first instance. Our in-country consultant for your target country will be able to advise you on business requirements, perform due diligence and expedite transactional matters. They will also be able to review your plans and provide good faith guidance based on their native local knowledge and signal possible red flags.

Representation Services-we employ our local knowledge to give you an even footing in negotiation  which can be troublesome if one is not familiar with culture, expectations and laws of a country. In addition, some countries require mandatory local representatives and addresses for businesses and we can facilitate that.

Publications and Videos – Want to reach a local market with different languages and cultures? In the course of doing business, we have a network of local media service that are in tune with national sentiments and expectations and have their own local distribution networks and reach.

Research and Reporting – Generally every one of our consultants have a research background or experience of some kind. For example co-founder Enkhzul has a Master in Public Policy from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, which is ranked as the 15th best school in the world for politics and international studies and number 1 in Asia. Together with local knowledge and language skills, we are able to give you access to insights that are often not available in English language resources.

Please email us with your query, requirements or project idea at ask@doingbusinessin.asia