About Us

Doing Business in Mongolia is the first project for Doing Business in Asia.

Doing Business In Asia is a resource for entrepreneurs and investors to develop successful businesses in less well known countries such as Mongolia and Myanmar. These countries offer potential for high investment returns, but are also perceived as risky, due to lack of knowledge.

Our aim is to make businesses in these countries more accessible to individuals whom are deterred by upfront cost of accessing local expertise. We also provide a voice and a face to the hidden success stories of the wider world, which can benefit from global public exposure.

For investors or/and entrepreneurs, we are a cost-effective and time-efficient way of developing sufficient knowledge about a country before plunging in. In particular, we enable one to understand some of the cultural necessities for doing business and viscerally appreciate the challenges that are present in an individual country. These are issues that play into your business planning or analysis of whether a local business is likely to do well.

In the bigger picture of things, capital usually constrains development in these countries,  but this can be provided by retail investors in developed countries, because of currency power and lower operating costs. Once retail investors can bring their investment preferences to town, stronger business ecosystems can flourish and more employment opportunities can be provided for locals. Investors and entrepreneurs can know they they have made an empowering difference by uplifting lives and bringing their ideals to life.